Raines S01E01 – Pilot

19 03 2007

Before I watched Jeff Goldblum’s new show about a cop who can see the dead (on NBC almost everyone can see the dead) , I thought I would do a little research to see if he ever did any TV before he made it big in movie land. and it turns out Mr Goldblum starred in a show called Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, which ran for 13 episodes in 1980. Now I thought I knew a little something about TV, but I can’t begin to tell you anything about that show… in fact I can’t even make anything up based on the title, the irony being that TV has crushed whatever was left of my fragile imagination to the point where I can’t make up a synapses for a TV show. Anyway enough about my psyche, let’s talk about Raines.

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