Medium S03E22 – Everything Comes to a Head

18 05 2007

I love it when a shows take steps to change the whole dynamic after a few years of the same old. I was very much used to the Medium formula of “dream-clue-dream-clue-bad guy shows up unexpectedly -dream-entrapment- happy family”, but I think that is all going to change after this season finale.

Alison Dubois’ role at the district attorneys office has been uncovered by a reporter, and she has been relieved of her duties. Her husband Joe has been released from his job as an indirect result of the scandal. The marriage is on the rocks, and they don’t have money to feed the kids. That should throw up a whole new set of problems when the show returns in Jan 2008. Looking forward to it.

Heroes S01E21 – The Hard Part

8 05 2007

Should I just rename this blog Me and the Heroes? Because right now I have all the motivation in the world to write about this show. As we get ever closer to the season one finale, we moved back into the present and found out that…. actually this is pretty spoiler-ish, read it after the jump.

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Heroes S01E19 – 0.7%

25 04 2007

The days of me reviewing/recapping/whatevering this program objectively are long gone. I just sit there waiting for the magic to happen. I love the ideas, they seem to have had a clear vision from day one that they are sticking with, and is all becoming clear now. I may have mentioned this before, but I can draw comparison from the most ludicrous soap opera of all Sunset Beach, the way that almost every scene ends on a cliffhanger, and comes back at the exact moment they left. Love it.

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Heroes S01E17 – Company Man

27 02 2007

I started off watching it from way back in my not-so-comfy chair, but by the end I was close enough to the TV to make myself blind in later life. You may know I like making bold statements, but this episode of Heroes was as good an hour of Drama as the last hour of Season 1 of 24, or Locke’s second episode in Season 1 of Lost, Deus Ex Machina.

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What I’m Watching Tonight…

19 02 2007

What I do on a Monday is download all of Fox’s animation shows in the morning, and watch them while I am eating, ready to pick apart the weakest jokes and shout from my window about how things aren’t as funny as they used to be.  Sounds like fun, no? Yea, hilarious.

But tonight, if I was you, and I was in the UK, and I had some form of Pay-TV, and I didn’t have a prior engagement, and I hadn’t been downloading it for the past 6 months…. I would watch Heroes. It really is a slow starter, but it has grown into my favourite program of this television season. It’s my boyhood X-men comic book come to life. Love it.

Heroes in the UK

12 02 2007

If you are in the UK, Heroes starts a week tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel. But if you have morals and haven’t downloaded or streamed it or been leant it by a mate in the pub already, Sci-Fi are letting UK viewers watch the premiere for free a week early. Click here to watch it. I’m guessing the quality is terrible but what the hell, if you are reading this you weren’t doing anything particularly interesting online anyway! Ha!

BBC link up with Google

23 01 2007

Yesterday MediaGuardian revealed that the BBC are in “advanced negotiations” to make their programming available via a branded channel on Google’s video portal. So I went over to their UK website, and I noticed that Google have already signed up Channel 4 and Sci-fi channel in the UK, as well as kids TV channel Jetix (where are Nickelodeon???). With ITV and five moving rapidly into the digital age, and Apple firmly in cahoots with Google, could this development lead to British TV content appearing on Apple TV when it arrives on these shores? Or at the very least, the ability to watch Google Video and Youtube on our TV screens through the Apple TV box? Click here for the full story.