Scrubs Promo

18 10 2007

Why do NBC always do this? Remember the promo for season 3 of The Office, with a montage of Jim and Pam as if we had been waiting two years for them to kiss? Or the trailers for the Friends episodes where Joey fell in love (although he got over that quicker than a writer can pen a new draft)? Well the guys in Promos at NBC have struck again, this time with the trailer for the final season of Scrubs. Watch it with a sick bag by your side after the jump:-

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Where were we?

7 05 2007

I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, hence the lack of updates when there has actually been lots going down in TV town.

2010 is a date most Lost fans will be interested in. That is the date that ABC have earmarked for the end of the island based series, in a departure from the norms of US TV and hopefully not to the detriment of the show. 48 more episodes have been ordered, and they will play out over 3 years in 16 episode seasons, taking the grand total to 120 come May ’10. I wonder if ratings will drop over the next couple of years followed by a sharp rise in season 6?

The English Premier League have launched legal proceedings against Youtube for copyright infringement. Are the Premier League really as stupid as they sound? Do they really think that by suing the largest of the aggregated video sites the problem will go away? No, it will shift to Dailymotion (in fact it already has), where I can pick up goals around the world minutes after they are scored. The only way for the premier league, and all other leagues for that matter to take charge of the situation is to offer up the clips for free with advertising on their official sites. Or learn the hard way that you cannot govern the internet.

Scrubs will have a cliffhanger ending this year (I am betting that JD does something to sabotage Elliot’s happiness), which is risky because there is a good chance NBC will not renew the show next year. The word on the street is that if they are cancelled on the peacock then ABC will pick up the show.

Isn’t Heroes great? That’s all I have to say on that subject! Apologies if I have posted this link before, but here are details of season two that should whet the appetite.

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK, so I forgot it was a Monday and I haven’t acquired my weekly fixes of Entourage and Sopranos, along with all those Fox animation thingies. So i’m off to do all that now, and watch them from under the duvet.

What I’m watching tonight…

20 04 2007

Peep Show – Last week was funny, but I want the boys back in the flat, I want to laugh at Mark’s boss, I want to see Jez lusting after Big Suze, and all done very awkwardly. I’m amazed the format hasn’t been bought by 20th Century fox yet.

Scrubs – This season has been largely ignored by critics and fans alike, but it has produced some gems. However I think the flashbacks and dream sequences are becoming more “Family Guy-esque” though, which isn’t always a good thing.

Catching up..

12 03 2007

Hello! I’ve back from Ghana where TV is either local soap operas shot by people with limited video camera ability, imported Latin American soap operas dubbed into English (now that is a new low), Idols (Yes, Simon Fuller can even sell snake oil in Africa) or those quiz shows where you can call in as many times as you want, the answer’s not right until they’ve turned a profit! So I had a week off from TV, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not smarter for the experience, I just have more TV to watch. So the last 3 days I’ve been catching up on my regulars and a lot of stuff has gone down in my TV world.

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More marathons…

31 12 2006

If you are watching TV right now, and you have freeview, there are four great marathons on.First up, ITV3 has a Tales of the Unexpected marathon running. This used to scare me as a kid, but I can’t see why. Maybe it was the music. Yea, that was it.

If Roald Dahl isn’t your thing, there is a Futurama marathon on Sky Three. you have just missed one of the best episodes, but there are still a couple more good ones to come.

If Sci-fi animation doesn’t tickle your funny bone then click the remote one up to UK History.
They are showing the first 5 Planet Earth back-to-back, and it never gets old. Working on that program, travelling the world, remote places… would be awesome.

But I understand it’s not for everyone! So that’s why my final pick is the quite broad hospital comedy that we all love Scrubs. ABC1 are running aseason 2 marathon as we speak!

If you don’t like any of those 4 programs, I really don’t know what you’re doing here.

Scrubs and Poo

30 12 2006


NBC have released another video from the upcoming musical episode of Scrubs. While it’s not as funny as “Guy Love”, it’s still a good indication of the work they are putting into this ep. I’m not usually a fan of musical episodes of anything, but I’m kind of looking forward to this. If I knew when it was going to be on, I would tell ya.. Check the video after the jump.. Read the rest of this entry »

A Charlie Brown Christmas, voiced by the cast of “Scrubs”

10 12 2006

I have close ties with this special. The original “Charlie Brown Christmas” is one of the first programs I ever recorded on my first VHS (aged 6), and the song “Christmas Time is Here” (well the first few bars of it) is the message alert on my phone, for different reasons. I’m sure someone knows why, it’s such a nerdy reason. (Everything I do is nerdy, why differentiate now). Now I’m rambling. Enjoy the video after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

I need a “Hiro”.

30 11 2006

This week I watched some good TV. Same as last week. and the week before that. The highlights were Heroes, where Hiro Nakamura uttered the best line yet (Greato Scotto!) at just the right time. The Prison Break Fall finale was edge of the seat stuff, but the ending wasn’t as cliffhangy as previous episodes. (One thing about writing a blog is that you get to make up all the words you want). I just watched Veronica Mars, and one case was solved while another started. Much earlier than usual this season. Watch these three programs and you’re covered for laughs and drama, no need to watch anything else. Oh and 30 Rock. I need to laugh with someone else at the way Tracy Morgan says “Liz Lemon.”

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