What I missed last night…

20 04 2007

Sea of Souls – Thats it. because I don’t watch TV I haven’t been bombarded with promos for the return of this drama that I have heard is pretty good. Hopefully some kind person has recorded it in HD and uploaded it to the series of tubes known as the internet. If you don’t know the program, click here.

I did watch something last night (although it seems like I didn’t because it was cut at the beginning and the end), it’s called Notes from the Underbelly, and it is a comedy about pregnancy. although I didn’t laugh once, there was something about it that is going to make me tune in again. Read about it here.

Other than that, I’ve been neglecting TV in favour of Pro Evo on PS2 today. This game is so good, it has even improved my skills in real life. true story.