Heroes S02E11 – Powerless

5 12 2007

It’s 1am and I just finished watching the end of Volume 2 of Heroes. Now that is how you end a season, all is forgiven for the lacklustre season 1 finale that the UK was subjected to tonight!

The great thing about Heroes is that anyone can go at any time, although this is tempered by the fact that Claire’s blood can bring anyone back from the dead.

Can I just ask someone to confirm that NBC showed the alternative ending tonight, and that Volume 3 will continue next September?

watch the Sylar-heavy teaser for Volume 3 after the jumparoo..

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September 25th

23 08 2007

That is the day that I will be watching the Season 2 premiere of Heroes. Its been a long summer, but I honestly can’t wait for whatever they have in store. They have been adding cast members at a crazy rate, but with David Anders and more importantly Kristen Bell on board for “multi episode arcs”, they are bringing quality to the screen. Watch a trailer for Season 2 after the jump..

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