Catching up..

12 03 2007

Hello! I’ve back from Ghana where TV is either local soap operas shot by people with limited video camera ability, imported Latin American soap operas dubbed into English (now that is a new low), Idols (Yes, Simon Fuller can even sell snake oil in Africa) or those quiz shows where you can call in as many times as you want, the answer’s not right until they’ve turned a profit! So I had a week off from TV, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not smarter for the experience, I just have more TV to watch. So the last 3 days I’ve been catching up on my regulars and a lot of stuff has gone down in my TV world.

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What I watched last night…

23 02 2007

For someone who writes a blog about TV, I think you all would be shocked how little TV I actually watch. and by that I mean TV that involves me sitting down in front of the idiot box at a scheduled time and changing a channel to look for something to watch. I just don’t do it. I do shift work, so I tend to download what I like and watch it in my free time, which doesn’t often coincide with the 8pm-11pm that TV execs would like.

So imagine my surprise tonight, when I found not one, not two, but three programs to watch. I got home to catch Skins on E4+1, but then I noticed that my current favourite program Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe started at the same time. Not having Sky+ in my room, I decided I could catch the last 20 mins of Skins some other time. It was worth it, Brooker was brilliant as usual, taking presenting classes and reviewing something or other, making me laugh.

After that, and still on Channel of the Year BBC4, I watched Soul Britannia, a celebration of Black Britain’s contribution to the soul movement. In fact, I’m watching it now. and posting. I know, I can multi-task. But I still put my trousers on one leg at a time people, one leg at a time.

Skins S01E04

16 02 2007

It didn’t quite live up to last weeks ep, but it wasn’t bad at all. This week Skins focused on the awkward looking teen (which one isn’t?), Chris. I don’t have much to say about the epsiode really. More wacky adults, another crazy party with consequences, another realisation of how isolated kids can be in todays society, despite surrounding themselves with people. A bit formulaic but it’s still all good in the hood suburbs. I just want to commend the actor who plays Chris on his ability to squeeze more nude scenes into 40 mins of TV than many actors will deal with in their whole career. It’s hard (lame pun intended) to walk around nude while pretending your suffering from viagra hangover!

If you missed it, and won’t get to catch up on Sunday, Monday or Tues, you can get a little recap here.

Skins S01E03

12 02 2007

I’m a convert. You may have noticed from my negative reviews that my tolerance for crap TV was low this weekend, so after watching those poor efforts, I was becoming more critical by the hour. But Skins made me happy. I’m really loving the idea of focusing one character per episode, it throws up a different situation every week, and this time it was one that I could identify with, to some extent!

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So how did I do?

5 02 2007

I’ll tell you how I did! I managed to watch all the TV that I said I would, and maybe more. Whats more (and this is the most important part), I enjoyed some of it, instead of turning into a zombie. Sometimes when I commit a day to catching up on my favourite programs, I end up cruising through them without paying attention, especially if its a sunday and I have laundry and other interesting and exciting things to do.

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Skins S01E01 – Update 1

26 01 2007

Skins is the first British drama since E4 launched six years ago. At launch, they had a show called As If, which I always thought was pretty good. A friend of my sisters was in it, so I may have been a little biased though. This is in a similar vein, some young teens trying out drinking, drugging and sexing it up, the main difference being that they are middle class. And that is a good place to start the comparisons. Read the rest of this entry »