Lost S04E05 – The Constant

1 03 2008

The best episode of Lost since the last time I wrote that. Seriously, that was easily the best treatment on time travel since Back to the Future, maybe even better because it doesn’t involve paradoxes (I think). Since an interview in the Summer when Matthew Fox was quoted saying that this was the season people would find out “not just where they are, but when they are“, I’ve been waiting for the explanation, but I had no idea it would be told so eloquently. Listen to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on this weeks official Lost podcast clear up any questions you may have on their interpretation on time travel.

My only question is, does that explain the flashbacks? And if so, are they all going to die of cerebral aneurisms over the next 36 episodes???

The other thing they clear up in the podcast is that because of the strike there will be only five new episodes this season, in addition to the eight already produced before the strike began. These five hours will condense what was originally a plan for eight episodes, but those three missing hours will be added onto season five for a total of nineteen episodes in 2009, followed by a final sixteen in 2010. So plenty to look forward to then… Click on to see two sneak peeks from next weeks Juliet-centric episode, the other woman. About time we found out about her past/present/future.

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TV adverts

3 10 2007

I pledged to watch more TV now that I have Sky, so I decided to sit down to a nice relaxing episode of Prison Break. I just found the adverts so annoying, I couldn’t do it! I know I could have waited 15 mins and forwarded through the breaks, but I can’t live like that forever. And to add to that,  the HD transfer is actually pretty average, really grainy because of all the dark, sewer scenes in the show. They are almost begging me to download it!


8 09 2007

It’s been a long, summerless summer (at least here in the UK), and my hopes for an Indian summer throughout September are fading fast. But the good news is, the US TV season is about to start in earnest!!

Now that I have my TV and Sky HD in place, I am ready to roll. I have the laptop ready to hook up to the LCD for the big shows like Heroes and Pushing Daisies, I’ll check out an episode or two of almost everything else, and no snap judgments this year.

to get you in the downloading mood if you are outside the US, Torrentfreak have written an article on 20 Bittorrent tips and tricks. There are things on it I didn’t know and hey… I’m a genius!

Another one to get you in the mood, Time magazine with their 100 greatest TV shows ever  list.  Arrested Development is on there, so I’m on board. What shows are you all looking forward to this season? Let me know… please?

I am Ready for de HD…

17 08 2007

After a few teething troubles, all is well in my living room. John Lewis wouldn’t match the 40″ D3000 Bravia, so I opted for the cheaper 32″ which they were happy to match with Empire Direct and their Trafford store, who were also doing it for £799. It arrived last night, along with my sky viewing card. My original viewing card was lost in the post, so it all seemed to come together at about 10.20pm last night. Channels were activated a few minutes later, and I was looking at Nathan Petrelli’s fine nose hairs about an hour after that. I’m in HD land people, and there is no room for facial blemishes… If you want an example of how *not* to buy a TV, or any electrical equipment, watch the fonejacker clip after the jump..

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6 08 2007

Yea I said it, I am. After lauding the future of TV as the via an Ethernet cable or a wi-fi signal, I did the unthinkable last week and ordered Sky HD to celebrate some great news I received. To top it off I called John Lewis to get them to pricematch a 40″ Bravia, something to dominate my living room.

After picking up a laptop and seeing how easy it was to hook it up to the LCD and watch Bittorrent goodness, I decided to go large, as a McDonalds customer would say. If John Lewis accept my pricematch, I’ll report back and tell you all how the world looks in 1080p!