Lost S04E05 – The Constant

1 03 2008

The best episode of Lost since the last time I wrote that. Seriously, that was easily the best treatment on time travel since Back to the Future, maybe even better because it doesn’t involve paradoxes (I think). Since an interview in the Summer when Matthew Fox was quoted saying that this was the season people would find out “not just where they are, but when they are“, I’ve been waiting for the explanation, but I had no idea it would be told so eloquently. Listen to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on this weeks official Lost podcast clear up any questions you may have on their interpretation on time travel.

My only question is, does that explain the flashbacks? And if so, are they all going to die of cerebral aneurisms over the next 36 episodes???

The other thing they clear up in the podcast is that because of the strike there will be only five new episodes this season, in addition to the eight already produced before the strike began. These five hours will condense what was originally a plan for eight episodes, but those three missing hours will be added onto season five for a total of nineteen episodes in 2009, followed by a final sixteen in 2010. So plenty to look forward to then… Click on to see two sneak peeks from next weeks Juliet-centric episode, the other woman. About time we found out about her past/present/future.

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3 02 2008

What happened to me this week that was TV related??

-Well for starters, my Sky+ decided to start playing up on me, and deleted my series links for both Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach which means I’ve missed an episode of each.

-I’ll try and go back to them, but I hate missing out on vital details and Moving Wallpaper has quite a nice bit of attention to detail that might go over my head now.

-The strike is now almost 10 weeks deep, so how come Las Vegas is on Episode 16??? Just how many episodes did they film before the scribes put pens down? Keep it coming team, its the kind of fluff I love!

-I won’t believe this rumour until I’m standing in line to watch it! Jason Bateman spoke to Kristin Veitch about a potential Arrested Development Movie. Read more about it here.

-Sky really got a thumbs up by putting the Season 4 premiere of Lost on Sky Anytime, uninterrupted and in HD. It means I watched it last night,and I can prepare for Ghana v Nigeria tonight properly, without worrying about Jack or Kate (not that I care about Jack).

-Speaking of and ABC TV studios, Jeff Zucker and NBC Universal may get all the press, but its ABC Television and Walt Disney Studios that quietly cut the best international deal, and move the TV business model forward outside of Hollywood. I mentioned BSkyb’s deal with them earlier, but this week they also tied up deals with Tiscali and TF1, the second allowing the French broadcaster to broadcast Lost one day after its US transmission date. The only real way to kill downloading is to give the people an alternative whereby they don’t have to get up off their couches/sofas/chaise longue.

Finally, I’ll leave you with Sarah Silvermans confession video to her husband Jimmy Kimmel. It would seem she has a little thing going on with Matt Damon, watch the video to find out more.

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Sky strike again

7 06 2007

In a strange move for Sky, they yesterday purchased all rights to the third season of Prison Break, as well as repeat showings of the first two seasons. I say strange because it doesn’t strike me as the sort of show a Sky One viewer is into, and although it is often talked about, not a lot of people actually watch it.

I can only draw the conclusion that buying Neighbours took a huge chunk out of five’s 2007-2008 programming budget, and the books needed to be balanced.

It is getting tiresome that terrestrial channels take a chance on an unknown show, do all the hard graft building up a fanbase only to see Sky step in and take over, halve the audience and watch the buzz disappear. It is a business however, and there is the benefit of Sky being able to ‘bring the drama’ in HD. Which means we will be able to see how Michael gets out of this particular predicament in gloriously sharp technicolour.

24: Reloaded?

3 05 2007

Evan Katz, one of the many exec producers of TV’s most time sensitive drama, has promised an explosive finale in 2 weeks time on Fox.

“The season finale will be explosive, literally, as we are going out with a very big bang, action- and suspense-wise.”

Add this non-cryptic statement to Howard Gordon’s quotes about ideas for next season:-

“This year could be…the last iteration of its current state.”

as well as his earlier call for a need to “reinvent” the show, and we could be seeing an all new cast with some major changes. Maybe no clock? Maybe no terrorists? Maybe an hour where Jack sneaks to the mens room for a 20 min power nap? More realistically, I can imagine a “re-imagining” of Casino royale proportions, just like I asked for a few weeks ago. Only time will tell. All I know is Milo, Miles, Chloe, R. Kelly president, Bill Buchanan, man who used to be in Ally McBeal, and all the rest are about to explode. And trust me, that is a good thing.

Virgin v Sky

26 02 2007

Over the last 72 hours the war has become very nasty. Late on Friday, Virgin announced that Sky’s basic channels (Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Three, Sky Travel, Sky Sports News) would be removed from their cable platform on Wednesday Night. This, tey say, is due to Sky’s unrealistic demands over what they feel these channels are worth.

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Lost S03E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes

15 02 2007

A real change of pace, and I have to say I liked it. I take back some of what I said last week, Lost isn’t dead on it’s feet as long as Desmond is around. In the first episode to feature an unconventional full-length flashback, he excelled as the victim of some mind bending time travelling shenanigans. If you don’t want to know the juicy spoilers, do not be clickin’ below innit.

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Lost S03E07 – Not in Portland

11 02 2007

So I cracked. I couldn’t wait until Sunday, so I did a bit of downloading. I know I thought i could wait, but I was bored and it only takes a minute or two (or 20) to download, Now if you don’t want to know what happen, don’t click the rest of this entry.

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Sky launch… something lame.

8 02 2007

In an attempt to steal Virgin’s thunder today, Sky revealed today that they would be starting a new Pay-TV service through a regular TV aerial this summer. They also raised the prices Virgin have to pay them for access to their channels today, soooo childish!

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Rambling about my impatience..

2 02 2007

I posted earlier last week about going legit, buying the TV I really like from iTunes and actually paying the people that matter when it comes to TV, the cast, writers and production company. But this week and the week after, two of my favourite shows will be on Sky One (yes, the actual telly) a mere 3-6 days after they air in the US. This presents me with a dilemma.

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24 – The first 4 episodes

16 01 2007

Well what can I say. 2 and a half episodes in, I was wondering if 24 could still surprise me, I had seen it all before. Every year the premiere of this show has managed to top the previous, but I was feeling a bit jaded by the first couple this time round. Muslim extremists with weapons of mass destructionIf you don’t want to read any spoilers, don’t read on.

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Beckham Heads for Hollywood..

11 01 2007

..but what are the implications for TV sports coverage in the UK? Well the first is that on Sky Sports News, when they round up the goals from the MLS, they will take their tongues out of their cheeks, stop sniggering and do some serious reporting.

Next up, the rights to watch the MLS in the UK. Not worth pennies before today, there will be a mad scramble for them, with 19 management and Simon Fuller surely involved in an “auction to the highest bidder” type event.

and finally, where does this leave Sky’s La Liga coverage? About 100,000 down I estimate, as people only interested because Becks was involved stop tuning in.

I really hope it works out for the guy, but I think this deal is driven purely by money, and he has no idea what he is in for after the hype dies down. The standard of football is so poor out there, and the game is played in vast, cavernous stadiums in front of attendaces tht wouldbe shabby by “league 2” standards in the UK. Aaah well, there is always Victoria’s acting career!

Stephen Merchant in 24

10 01 2007



I was watching the season premiere of 24, and who should I see pop up? Only Stephen Merchant! Apparently he asked if he could make a cameo, and they agreed. Ricky Gervais also made a cameo, but the scene was cut because he was deemed “too recognisable”, but may still appear on the DVD as an extra. Click here for the “deets”, as Merchant himself would no doubt say. Anywho, the premiere is all dramatic swoops and (much needed) exposition, with a gory ending. Definitely not as good as last years premiere, I’m still waiting for the good stuff, roll on episode 2.

Lost Trailer

5 01 2007

Over the weekend, during the college bowl games (like I know what they are) there was a trailer for the remainder of Lost Season 3.

If you are in the UK, and never watched Lost before now, but feel compelled to after this promo, don’t get sucked in. This is how all TV is trailed in the US. Even the local news. I kid you not. I love the way the announcer says “this season delivers, like no other show on television”. It does sometimes, but “Deliverance” is Heroes middle name. That is, if it had a first name. or surname.

Anywho, Lost returns to Sky One, I believe, February 11th.