I am Ready for de HD…

17 08 2007

After a few teething troubles, all is well in my living room. John Lewis wouldn’t match the 40″ D3000 Bravia, so I opted for the cheaper 32″ which they were happy to match with Empire Direct and their Trafford store, who were also doing it for £799. It arrived last night, along with my sky viewing card. My original viewing card was lost in the post, so it all seemed to come together at about 10.20pm last night. Channels were activated a few minutes later, and I was looking at Nathan Petrelli’s fine nose hairs about an hour after that. I’m in HD land people, and there is no room for facial blemishes… If you want an example of how *not* to buy a TV, or any electrical equipment, watch the fonejacker clip after the jump..

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6 08 2007

Yea I said it, I am. After lauding the future of TV as the via an Ethernet cable or a wi-fi signal, I did the unthinkable last week and ordered Sky HD to celebrate some great news I received. To top it off I called John Lewis to get them to pricematch a 40″ Bravia, something to dominate my living room.

After picking up a laptop and seeing how easy it was to hook it up to the LCD and watch Bittorrent goodness, I decided to go large, as a McDonalds customer would say. If John Lewis accept my pricematch, I’ll report back and tell you all how the world looks in 1080p!

What I’m Watching Tonight…

2 04 2007

Sopranos – Well after my “Sopranos Love-in” post yesterday, it turns out the first episode of the final nine has been leaked onto “teh internets”. I won’t be posting the link up here, because that would be illegal. If you are interested you know where to get it, if you don’t where it is you are probably not too bothered.

American Dad – I can’t decide whether this is amusing or I watch out of habit. So many episodes pass me by without note its amazing, I really should give it the boot from my personal schedule.

The Tudors – Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this period drama. I don’t normally do period dramas, but Rome changed all that for a while. I’m hearing disappointing things, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

and if I have time…

NewsRadio – A comedy from the early 90’s starring the late Phil Hartman (He of Troy McClure, Lyle Langley and many other Simpsons classic voices), it was amde available on iTunes through their deal with Sony, and I thought I would give the pilot a go.

Sony on iTunes

26 03 2007

Apparently this happened a few days ago, but I wasn’t to know so I’m telling you now. Sony pictures Television have joined the iTunes party, just in time for the release into the wild of Apple TV.

If you have a US account you can now get Rules of Engagement (which I’m sure was available anyway through the CBS bit) and Til Death, or classics like Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels or the original animated Spiderman cartoon. There are other shows, but I’ve …er… run out of ink? Click here for Sony goodness. I wonder if they will start selling Seinfeld, if only the really old ones. Now theres a cash cow if ever I came across one.

Bits and Pieces…

17 02 2007

…that might warrant your attention, but don’t deserve their own post.

That HBO deal with Virgin media that I wrote about earlier in the week, well that wasn’t exclusive for long. It seems that HBO have signed up with BT Vision to be an option on their VOD library of services. I am not sure, but I’m sure it will be pay as you watch, and even more lucrative for the fatcats at Time Warner.

Speaking of BT, they signed another deal with Universal, having already acquired their library of blockbuster movies, it will now be possible to download videos from music artists to your BT Vision box, for the cost of 29p per videoclip. That is cheap, but… does anyone still watch music videos anymore? Rhetorical question, I know they do, but are they still relevant to the point where people would hunt them down and pay for them??

Sony Worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison hinted today (or maybe yesterday, or earlier in the week) that TV on Demand was a big priority for the PS3. I read earlier in the week in Broadcast that BBC aren’t actually allowed to charge for downloaded content, so if they could get them on board I could take my wildlife fetish to a new HD level. Obviously I would have to go out and buy a PS3 first. Hmmmm…

And more from the BBC (this segue-ing is going great), they have commisioned Big Brother producers Endemol to produce an online drama to win back the millions of viewers who have deserted TV for the internet. Here is a hint BBC: much of the desertion was down to Endemol attempting to turn viewers minds to sludge. My wild guess is that they walked away from the TV to keep the brain cells they had left. They aren’t online trying to get stupider. (As I’ve explained before, Stupider is a word. Because I say it is). Giving Endemol £100,000 an episode to produce something, I’m guessing it won’t be geared to the tastes of anyone who breathes through their nose. But hey, prove me wrong!

I funded this advert!

25 01 2007

Well my new TV arrived today, a 26″ Sony bravia LCD. But you don’t have Sky HD or Telewest TV Drive, I hear you cry! What’s the point? You are quite right, I won’t be lining the pockets of Rupert Murdoch or Richard Branson to view slightly clearer pictures, but we all know there are other ways to get high definition content. Read more about my HD geekfest after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

My New TV…

11 01 2007

Well it’s so new, it is sitting in the factory. That’s right, I haven’t bought one yet. I’ve narrowed my choice down to four. remember this TV is for a bedroom, so I don’t need any 42″, 1080p playing, 3 HDMI input sporting monster. Just a flat-screen to ease me in and out of my slumber, and create some new space in my room vacated by the CRT monster that took up half a wall.

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