What I’m watching tonight…

16 04 2007

Entourage (S03E14) – After last week’s return with Victoria’s Secret models, I wonder if the boys are going to get back to the business of shooting movies?

Sopranos (S06E14) – Every episode from his point onwards will be edge of the seat stuff. Who will survive? Hopefully Meadow.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp – I keep missing it even though it’s on about 4 times a week. I will look for it one of those loser ITV channels tonight, hopefully they will come through for me. Don’t they have any sort of Video-on Demand type doo-dah? baaah, who would watch it even if they did!

The Sopranos S06E13 – Soprano Home Movies

3 04 2007

As Etta James might say, “At laaaaast!” The return of The Sopranos is welcome, there is a dearth (oh, I use that word all the time) of quality on my imac/TV at the moment. A version of this episode, the first of the final nine, was leaked onto the internet in really poor quality. Normally I wouldn’t watch something that bad, but I just couldn’t wait so I gave it the once over last night, and here are my initial thoughts! Read the rest of this entry »

What I’m Watching Tonight…

2 04 2007

Sopranos – Well after my “Sopranos Love-in” post yesterday, it turns out the first episode of the final nine has been leaked onto “teh internets”. I won’t be posting the link up here, because that would be illegal. If you are interested you know where to get it, if you don’t where it is you are probably not too bothered.

American Dad – I can’t decide whether this is amusing or I watch out of habit. So many episodes pass me by without note its amazing, I really should give it the boot from my personal schedule.

The Tudors – Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this period drama. I don’t normally do period dramas, but Rome changed all that for a while. I’m hearing disappointing things, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

and if I have time…

NewsRadio – A comedy from the early 90’s starring the late Phil Hartman (He of Troy McClure, Lyle Langley and many other Simpsons classic voices), it was amde available on iTunes through their deal with Sony, and I thought I would give the pilot a go.

Video of the Week – Sopranos Recap

31 03 2007

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, a highlight of the week in the style of Harry Hill’s TV Burp, but it could be anything from the world of online video to traditional televisual fare. Although knowing me, ‘Video of the Week’ will quickly degenerate into a propaganda campaign designed to make you watch Arrested Development.

This week I have a truly wonderful clip that I have now added to the list of “Best things I’ve seen on Youtube”. It’s a recap of six seasons of Sopranos, leading into the final 9 episodes starting April 8 on HBO. No word on when it starts on E4/C4. The montage covers everything, and if you watch it enough times and pay close enough attention you needn’t spend close to £60 each on the boxsets at your local DVD emporium. Watch it after the jump, and pay particular attention between 3:21 and 3:23 😉

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9 08 2006

What can I say that hasn’t already been said. All the awards, all the claims that its the greatest drama ever written, maybe they put me off watching it all these years, fear it wouldn’t live up to the hype. I worked with a guy called Mark back in the day in Selfridges, and he used to come in once a week and explain to me why there is nothing better. We had the same tastes, so I don’t know why I kept ignoring his advice.

but I suppose, as I have found out myself from working in the industry, nobody likes to be told what to watch, you just have to let people think they discovered something for themselves.

So thats what happened to me. I borrowed Season 1 of Sopranos a few months ago, maybe March. And here we are, 6 seasons later, about 70 episodes in, and I concur.

I’m still looking for superlatives, its that good. A bit too violent at times, but its not gratuitous, its all there for a reason. Pretty much every episode has the production, writing and acting of a big screen movie. Some are just a work of art. I would have paid (as US viewers have to, about $40 a month) to watch this at the cinema. And with only 8 episodes to come next January, I guess this show will soon be sleeping with the fishes. (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better way to end it…. hold on, what am I apologising for, you’re not paying to read this! I’ll write as many poor metaphors as I like!)

Anyway, thanks to all the people (and there were many) that looked at me like I was backward when I said I liked quality TV but had never watched Sopranos, you shamed me into checking it out!