18 10 2006

After the success of Ugly Betty in the US, the BBC have announced that they will be exploring the telenovela format very soon, and are looking at a number of ideas.

They all share a certain quality,” Ms Tranter said. “They’ve all got that brio and spirit. They don’t take themselves too seriously and yet emotionally they’re quite tough. When it’s joy, it’s real joy and when it’s pain, it’s real pain.”

But she promised that any BBC telenovela would stay true to the spirit of the genre and not tip into irony or kitsch. “They aren’t the stuff of UK television culture so you have to understand what it is before you start breaking the rules. If we take some of the things that are very strong in it and have permission to have a bit of fun, we’ll probably get something really good out of it.

So basically, the Beeb will write an Eastenders with an ending? Maybe where the inhabitants of the set all meet an untimely fiery explosive over-the-top end? Good luck with that!

A first week success…

1 10 2006

Well I watched it, and the first signs are that it is as cheesy as the Colombian telenovela it was based on… but I like it. Halfway through, my girlfriend asked me if its going to be too girly for me to stick with, but I can handle it! I am safe enough in my masculinity to watch a show with girlie overtones! Anywho, read the full story below…

‘Ugly Betty’ on ABC is TV’s top-rated (AP)