I want to see this…

14 05 2007

Network logosThis week is a big one for the industry, with the five broadcast networks unveiling their schedules for the coming Autumn. Because I won’t be in LA to watch pilots (and I don’t have a problem with that) I will be waiting for some kind souls to upload them to Mininova, at which point I will be telling you guys all about them. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to any one show (except maybe the one with Jason Biggs and David Cross about the Wall Street guy who dies and goes to hell) until I read the Televisionary’s review of Pushing Daisies, from the creators of Wonderfalls.

Now I have to tell you as much as I loved every single episode of Wonderfalls, I am amazed that it ever got to air with such a wacky premise, and this new show looks just the same. It has to be read (or seen, whatever) to be believed. So this is my tip for my favourite show of next season, that nobody gets and is canceled before November sweeps.

As I hear more about pilots I will let y’all (southern accent included) know about them right away. NBC announce their schedule at 8pm (BST) tonight. I will be asleep on a tube home, but I will post it up soon after that, when I wake up waay past my stop minus wallet, phone and underpants. peace.