NBC Primetime Schedule 2007-2008

14 05 2007

True to their word, NBC have almost eliminated scripted programming from the 8pm hour. The only night it still exists is in their 2 hour scripted block of Thursday comedy, where the notable difference is the timeslot swap of 30 Rock and The Office, of which 30 episodes (including 5 hour longs) have been ordered. Will the quality diminish? Like a film starring Mickey Rourke and Liza Minelli… only time, will tell. (If you get that reference without consulting your friendly neighbourhood Google, I salute you)

Only one sitcom ordered, and its desperate times up at Burbank when that one comedy is a remake of an average Britcom. The I.T Crowd was funny in parts, all those parts provided by Richard Ayoade. Luckily he will play the same role in the US version as well, so it’s not all bad. Look out for it midseason.

I expect Friday Night Lights to die a miserable death in that slot, but maybe Medium will get it’s groove back on Sundays from January. From what I have heard of Lipstick Jungle, it looks like the kind of show Channel 4 would be interested in, but Living TV will try and bid for. Just a guess. I’ll have more to say about the new dramas once I’ve watched them. Read the full schedule after the jump.

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Richard Ayoade

18 01 2007

NBC have decided to go ahead with a pilot for Channel 4’s funniest new comedy of last year, The I.T. Crowd. More importantly, Richard Ayoade will get to reprise his role as Maurice Moss for a US audience. Now if you are reading this and you have never witnessed the comedy stylings of Mr Ayoade, I can assure you this guy is a class act. His mere guest appearance makes quite funny programs very funny. Anyone who saw him show up in The Mighty Boosh as Saboo will agree. He was also funny as Dean Lerner in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, which I don’t think I saw enough of, and that led to his own Spin-off show, which to be honest could have been better. Read the rest of this entry »