Catching up..

12 03 2007

Hello! I’ve back from Ghana where TV is either local soap operas shot by people with limited video camera ability, imported Latin American soap operas dubbed into English (now that is a new low), Idols (Yes, Simon Fuller can even sell snake oil in Africa) or those quiz shows where you can call in as many times as you want, the answer’s not right until they’ve turned a profit! So I had a week off from TV, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not smarter for the experience, I just have more TV to watch. So the last 3 days I’ve been catching up on my regulars and a lot of stuff has gone down in my TV world.

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The Sarah Silverman Program S01E01

7 02 2007

Last Thursday saw the much anticipated debut of The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. Now I personally have never found Sarah Silverman funny. Bear in mind I have only seen her a couple of times, at Pamela Anderson’s roast, and in the movie The Aristocrats. Both times I found her attempting perhaps the coarsest humour possible, going for real shock value. I love being shocked, and I can be crude, but she just doesn’t do it for me. So with that in mind, it was strange that I was looking forward to her show.

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