19 01 2007

Joost is the new name for an IPTV offering formerly cryptically entitled “The Venice Project”, because it involves a lot of video “streams”. Yes, great sense of humour those guys.
This is the one I’m waiting for, the interface seems really slick, and if the software could one day be brought into the box in the living room, they would have a real winner on their hands… An added plus is that it is being developed by the founders of Kazaa and Skype, both of which ultimately changed the music and telephony industries respectively.

I imagine that Joost will really make those last few people who think television will always come into their house through an antenna sit up and think. They still need the content though, it’s all about the “legal” content in 2007. Buy the way, if anyone out there can spare a beta invite for a humble TV blogger, I would really appreciate it. Click here, here or even here for reviews of Joost.