The Winner on iTunes

22 02 2007

As you may remember, I reveiwed the first episode of The Winner and was nay too impressed. this is just a note to point out that Fox have decided to premiere the show on iTunes, in order to create a bit of buzz. The crazy thing is that they have placed all 6 episodes on the store, I don’t quite know if thats because they hate it and want to get rich quick before dumping it, or that they love it and have absolute faith that it will be a hit. Click here to buy the episodes.

The Winner S01E01

18 02 2007

I finally, finally got to watch a comedy that I have been waiting for since I heard about the pilot this time last year. The Winner stars Rob Corddry as a 32 year old man man who is, ironically, a real loser who still lives with his parents, is a virgin and whose best friend is a teenage boy. Sounds hilarious, no? Then why was I so disappointed?

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No Beer and No TV make Homer something something…

4 07 2006

There is nothing to watch at the moment, but I bring you news of TV to look out for in 2007.

Well the dust has settled at the LA screenings and almost every TV show screened has been bought by broadcasters in the UK. These are the shows that I will give a go (providing they aren’t cancelled with in the first few months), and the UK channels that have purchased them, if you prefer to watch your TV when you’re told to. 😉

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