The Wire S04E13 – Final Grades

19 05 2008

BodieSo I wasn’t too impressed with the death one of my favourite characters on TV this week. But I decided to finish off Season 4 of The Wire, after Geoff finally gave me the last disc. I can’t really even write about it, because I know a couple of my readers haven’t finished this season yet, but I will say it almost made me tearful. That’s right, *almost!* One of the finest hours (and 18 minutes) of television I have had the privilege to watch, the bar has been raised again. Watch one of my new favourite death scenes after the jump. P.S. Come on FX, get it on in HD in the UK!

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The Wire

29 02 2008

I just finished watch Season 3 last night. I wrote a humongous post about it, and WordPress deleted it when I clicked “publish”. I’m still angry. Watch the clip below, it’s better than my original post anyway…

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Too much too young?

15 11 2006

I was planning to write something about the TV I’ve been watching the last week, but its that “November Sweeps” time of year, when there are new episodes of everything, and its all getting a bit much. Shows are blending into each other and I’m not laughing any more, or feeling anything much.

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