I nearly went legit..

23 01 2007

This morning I almost packed it all in with Bittorrent and went straight. There were so many fake copies of Heroes on Mininova, and it was 8am and 24 hadn’t show up yet. The only thing that stopped me? Programs don’t show up on itunes for 24 hours after they are on air. Booooo! Can someone tell the production companies that this is a stupid idea. I know they do it to protect revenue that they earn from TV, but they just lost all my revenue this morning! When I get home, I’m going to download the hi-def version of all 3 for free. Because I can. Sort it out people.

mininova passes 1 billion downloads

10 01 2007

There is a story here about the fact that Mininova, my favoured site for downloading TV, has just passed 1 billion downloads. Thatsa spicy meataball!

I’m working on a few articles that are basically about how to get the TV you like, when you want it, and my first one was going to be all about bittorrent, which most agree is the most efficient way to download large files. Read the rest of this entry »