What I’m watching Tonight…

14 02 2007

If I was single, I would be watching anything that helped me forget this cooked up Hallmark holiday. That would be flicking between Match of the Day Live and The Brits 2007, followed by repeats of Night Stalker on FTN. then bed. alone. On my mac I have last week’s Ugly Betty to watch, as well as Sunday’s Rome, Monday’s What About Brian and Tuesday’s House. If I was single I may have watched those. In the dark. With a blanket over my head.

But I am not single, I am in the best relationship ever made, so you may not be surprised to know that I am out right now “Valentinesing it up” at an undisclosed location, and I wrote this post earlier to day and set it up to publish at a certain time. Enjoy your night, whatever you get up to!