I heart Mario

11 12 2007

Super Mario Galaxy The TV well is running dry as the strike moves into it’s seventh week, but I don’t care. Why? Because I’m playing Super Mario Galaxy. I read the reviews, and for a brief time its average rating took it past Ocarina of Time to make it the bestest highest rated video game ever (it’s back down in second now), but that only made me more skeptical. But spending my Sunday in my boxer shorts on my couch squealing like a child, I can confirm that this game is a masterpiece. It’s a as close as possible to a 3D version of Super Mario World, and I am about to lose many days and nights to it while Hollywood works out it’s differences. Watch some spoilers after the jump.

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Wii Fit

12 07 2007

I’ve been struggling to find anything TV related that I want to talk about, as you may or may not have noticed. To fill the gap, I’ve been playing Wii, and i figure its one of the few forms of exercise I get.

So Imagine my surprise when Nintendo unveil a peripheral that does just that: stops me from becoming a fatty fatty fat fat. Wii Fit should be in stores later this year, watch the video to see how it will change your life… or not, if you’re already buff like the adults in the clip.

EDIT:- For those of you thinking “This isn’t even on-topic, I’m never coming back to this blog”…oh, there you go, I did it again! Click here for a story about how the Wii is reported to be the causeĀ  of a large dip in ratings in Japan, as families spend primetime beating each other down at Tennis, or fishing in Zelda, or blowing up things in Wario, or… you get the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

Super Mario World

12 02 2007

There was not much TV watching this weekend (well, less than the norm). No calls were taken either. Super Mario World was released for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, so I was busy playing the greatest game of all time. It’s the reason my thumbs click like I have arthritis! Watch a nostalgic yet futuristic video after the jump.

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TV from my games console?

22 01 2007

One of the newest ways for people to watch downloaded content on their TV’s is through their shiny new games console. Both Microsoft and Sony have gone to great lengths to get their hardware in your living room, and neither one of them is satisfied with you just using it to play games…

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Youtube considering linear channel

15 01 2007

Media Guardian and Digital Spy are reporting that Youtube are looking at launching a linear channel in the “old skool” sense of the word. Here is why, if they are serious, this would be a bad move for them. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex Wii

10 01 2007

Playing the wii is my new favourite thing. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s better than crap sex. Or at least comparable. Actually that’s not true, but I needed a segue into this youtube video that shows how you can increase the fun for you and your partner. Viewer discretion is advised. Now is not the time to gather your family around the monitor and show them how embedded video works. Watch the video after the jump.. Read the rest of this entry »