The 58th annual Emmy awards

28 08 2006

Will Arnett didn’t win (bad) Jeremy Piven won (good).

Arrested Development didn’t win (bad), The Office won (good).

Sopranos didn’t win (bad), Rome wasn’t even nominated (very bad) but 24 won (good).

Bleak House didn’t win (bad), Elizabeth I won (good).

So all in all, an average night.

Karl Pilkington on TV

18 08 2006

My better half called me to tell me he now has his own show, called 3 minute wonder. I misssed it, but I found it on youtube. Here are the “deets” of the shows on the rest of the week(I love that word, I stole it):-

Tuesday 15th Aug 19.55 – Tonight Karl discusses holidays: “If the Coliseum was here you’d have people saying, ‘that’s a mess, knock it down.'”

Wednesday 16th Aug 19.55 – Tonight Karl discusses knowledge: “They say it all started with the Big Bang, but did it just seem big coz there was no other noise at the time.”

Thursday 17th Aug 19.55 – Tonight Karl discusses health: “We only get so many heartbeats in a lifetime, so we shouldn’t be wasting any…”


9 08 2006

What can I say that hasn’t already been said. All the awards, all the claims that its the greatest drama ever written, maybe they put me off watching it all these years, fear it wouldn’t live up to the hype. I worked with a guy called Mark back in the day in Selfridges, and he used to come in once a week and explain to me why there is nothing better. We had the same tastes, so I don’t know why I kept ignoring his advice.

but I suppose, as I have found out myself from working in the industry, nobody likes to be told what to watch, you just have to let people think they discovered something for themselves.

So thats what happened to me. I borrowed Season 1 of Sopranos a few months ago, maybe March. And here we are, 6 seasons later, about 70 episodes in, and I concur.

I’m still looking for superlatives, its that good. A bit too violent at times, but its not gratuitous, its all there for a reason. Pretty much every episode has the production, writing and acting of a big screen movie. Some are just a work of art. I would have paid (as US viewers have to, about $40 a month) to watch this at the cinema. And with only 8 episodes to come next January, I guess this show will soon be sleeping with the fishes. (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better way to end it…. hold on, what am I apologising for, you’re not paying to read this! I’ll write as many poor metaphors as I like!)

Anyway, thanks to all the people (and there were many) that looked at me like I was backward when I said I liked quality TV but had never watched Sopranos, you shamed me into checking it out!