Primeval backlash

1 05 2007

Well I didn’t see this coming. Ok I did. It seems my thoughts on the first episode of ITV1’s “Family Sci-Fi” TV series Primeval are coming under fire, and whats more, I have an inkling the rage is coming from somebody who worked on the show. At a guess I would say he worked on the graphics. If I was to guess again I would say his name is Matt Fox. and If I was given three guesses (what kind of stupid guessing game is this) I would say that he was happy with the finished product of Primeval. Which in my book makes him ripe for ridicule. Read the post after the jump (off).

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Primeval S01E01 – Doggy Doo Doo

10 02 2007

Sadly not the episodes title, but my thoughts on this new “multimillion pound, big budget” production from ITV. This is why I don’t watch ITV1. This is why I shouldn’t watch shows with girls from S Club 7 in them, however fit they are. This is why, this is why. The plot revolves around dinosaurs coming through a time portal… yes thats right, much like the one in that program from last Autumn/Summer/Whenever, Prehistoric Park.                      Read the rest of this entry »