Scrubs Promo

18 10 2007

Why do NBC always do this? Remember the promo for season 3 of The Office, with a montage of Jim and Pam as if we had been waiting two years for them to kiss? Or the trailers for the Friends episodes where Joey fell in love (although he got over that quicker than a writer can pen a new draft)? Well the guys in Promos at NBC have struck again, this time with the trailer for the final season of Scrubs. Watch it with a sick bag by your side after the jump:-

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Biggest selling TV DVD’s this year…

20 12 2005

1. Chappelle’s Show – Season 2 (2.84 million)
2. Lost – Season 1 (1.04 million)
3. Seinfeld – Season 4 (860,000)
4. The Simpsons – Season 6 (830,000)
5. Friends – Season 9 (790,000)

Full story here. I’ve got some of these, I don’t have others, draw your own conclusions.