4HD launches

10 12 2007

Channel 4 HD…and it is exactly what they promised. An upscaled simulcast of Channel 4, with High definition content whenever possible. Highlights over the next week include Hollyoaks (who knew that show would ever make it to the next generation of TV), Ugly Betty and a couple of films including Happy Gilmore. Never fear though, because the upscaled SD content apparently looks a lot better if reports of this morning’s Without a Trace viewing are confirmed. Look out for it Channel 140 on your Sky HD box. Now all we need is ITV (Spring 08) and five to launch and terrestrial HD will be complete!


25 09 2007

I’m going home to watch the first episode of season 2 in HD. I can’t wait. But I’ll have to, because my other half won’t let me watch it until she gets home.  That’s right, I’m whipped. goodnight.


19 09 2007

This is very much becoming the HD blog. I feel like I should have known about this earlier though, even though I haven’t started mt new job yet. Yesterday MTV announced that they will be starting a Pan-European HD service, operating out of that new European hotbed of Warsaw, Poland.

As well as MTV, VH1 and other programming, their will be a children’s block of HD shows from Nickelodeon, and yes that includes Spongebob Squarepants.

Channel 4 HD

19 09 2007

Wow, the HD news just keeps on coming. After last weeks news that ITV will be launching an HD feed next spring, Channel 4 have trumped them with the news that they will launch an HD simulcast (love that word) in December on Sky HD. Nice. Now ‘five’ have to join the party, and they potentially have the most HD content of all the UK networks.

Silent Witness

17 09 2007

Tonight, I am watching Silent Witness on BBC HD. Never tuned in before, I decided to have a look-see purely because it is being broadcast in high definition. But here is the funny thing, it’s not bad. Not bad at all. The sooner all of BBC’s output is in HD, the sooner I can become re-acquainted with the content ‘Auntie Beeb’ has to offer.

ITV1 HD Next spring…

12 09 2007

I was just zooming through my google reader (a habit I need to get rid of) and I spotted a report on Digital Spy saying that ITV will launch a High Definition  version of ITV1 next spring. I know that technically  takes us up to June 2008, but it’s good for them to put it out there. Even if it’s just their Sainsburys 9pm Dramas and the odd  bit of sport (England home internationals, F1) then it gets them out there. This news, along with the new itv.com shows that Michael grade has really made an impact since his arrival. Who knows, one day I might tune in!!

Zudeo name change to Vuze

6 04 2007

Just as I was banging on about how Zudeo aren’t giving me the goods thanks to their IP checking “tek-nol-ogie”, they go and change their name so it looks like I’m crazy and talking about products that don’t exist.

Vuze claim to have the largest library of Hi-def material available for download, but as we all know it’s relative. They do have a new BBC drama that I haven’t heard of, called Sorted. If anyone can tell me more about it then the description offered on the site I would be v. grateful.

Another thing, the stuff i can download in the UK, all the poorly shot free stuff, it does come quickly, I’ll give it that. As I would say if I was a film critic, two thumbs up!