South Park S11E05 – Fantastic Easter Special

5 04 2007

I am watching this right now, and it’s gone off at a weird “crab people” tangent. It started out quite well, but I’m not liking this ending. It started with Stan asking his parents why they all paint eggs at Easter, and what does it have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus. It turns out that Easter is a conspiracy, and that the bunnies have been in charge all along. Stan is show a picture of Davinci’s Last Supper painting, and Peter has rabbit ears, and the meal was actually eggs. They then go onto claim that the pope wears that tall hat (obviously the proper name for it) because it was originally worn by someone with rabbit ears. All funny up to that point, then it sort of lost it’s way. Not unlike this post is about to. Hmmmm, first poor episode this season.

Buy it here. Maybe not immediately, but in due course.