HD For All

8 02 2007

Right now, HDTV’s are the hot item at electronic shops all over the country. There are the few that think when they plug it in their existing crapston antenna will give them an HD signal (duh). Then there are those few who have Sky HD or Telewests TV drive and are going to take advantage of that crystal clear goodness straight away.

But the vast majority know that it is a purchase for the future, and that one day HD quality pictures will be available to everybody across the country for zero pounds and zero pence. Well not if OfCom have their way. they recently announced that instead of giving the spectrum left over from the analogue switch off to the incumbent broadcasters to broadcast HD signals over freeview, they will be holding an auction to squeeze money out of every last airwave.

The most likely outcome of this is that mobile phone operators will win the auction with their deep pockets, and the price of video calls will come down by a penny. Thats it. BBC and ITV cannot go toe-to-toe with Vodafone and T-Mobile.

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I funded this advert!

25 01 2007

Well my new TV arrived today, a 26″ Sony bravia LCD. But you don’t have Sky HD or Telewest TV Drive, I hear you cry! What’s the point? You are quite right, I won’t be lining the pockets of Rupert Murdoch or Richard Branson to view slightly clearer pictures, but we all know there are other ways to get high definition content. Read more about my HD geekfest after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

My New TV…

11 01 2007

Well it’s so new, it is sitting in the factory. That’s right, I haven’t bought one yet. I’ve narrowed my choice down to four. remember this TV is for a bedroom, so I don’t need any 42″, 1080p playing, 3 HDMI input sporting monster. Just a flat-screen to ease me in and out of my slumber, and create some new space in my room vacated by the CRT monster that took up half a wall.

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Xbox IPTV update

8 01 2007

Following on from this post, Bill Gates did announce a TV service for Xbox 360 last night/this morning, depending on where you are.

Click here for a video demo of the service. I must say the service looks fantastic, but I’m not sure it’s something that will launch in the UK anytime soon.