Autumn (Fall) is upon us

17 09 2006

Well, the summer is over! Broadband pipes in the UK, Australia and the rest of the English speaking world are about to heat up because the new US TV season is almost upon us! I was watching Entourage and Weeds and it just kind of snuck up behind me!
To start with, I’m going to tell you a great way to download TV is the itunes music store. They have been serving up TV for almost a year now, but as I wrote in a post below, they have upped the resolution in anticipation of the new season, and it is now better quality than standard definition TV. Anyway, onto the actual programming.

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No Beer and No TV make Homer something something…

4 07 2006

There is nothing to watch at the moment, but I bring you news of TV to look out for in 2007.

Well the dust has settled at the LA screenings and almost every TV show screened has been bought by broadcasters in the UK. These are the shows that I will give a go (providing they aren’t cancelled with in the first few months), and the UK channels that have purchased them, if you prefer to watch your TV when you’re told to. 😉

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