UK broadcasters unite to create video on demand solution

14 06 2007

It is almost as if they read my post yesterday and took immediate action. UK broadcasters have today decided to work together to create a joint offering that allows viewers to download copies of their favourite shows to their PC’s. With a working title of Project Kangaroo, it is not yet known how this application will work alongside the existing download services available from the UK networks.

although initially a broadband proposition, the application would one day be installed in freeview boxes, and work much in the same way as BT Vision does today, delivering content over the the old copper wire, and maybe one day fibre optics if BT get their act together. Stay tuned for more developments… or maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to a loss of viewers to Bittorrent, Youtube and the internet in general, and nothing will come of it. Only time will tell.

45% of Europeans watch TV online?

3 05 2007

Techcrunch have posted the results of a survey conducted by Motorola in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom that says that 45% of Europeans now watch TV online. Although I knew it was happening, I had no idea it was to this extent. Because I work in the industry, I am surrounded by people who watch TV on their PC/Macs, and in the last year or two I have noticed more and more of my friends and colleagues bingeing on TV, especially serialised drama, at the weekends in bed on their laptops.

One thing this survey doesn’t make clear however, as Techcrunch rightly points out, is *how* these Eurocrats are consuming this TV. Do they mean Bittorrent downloads of TV shows, or legal streaming? Or maybe even 2 minute news bulletins? And what were Motorola trying to prove with this survey anyway? That european consumers want to watch TV on their mobiles, on the move? Because I am not sure they do.

ITV to launch on-demand programming

2 05 2007

I wrote this paragraph disparaging ITV’s attempts to join the rest of the TV world in this 21st century, but I thought I would re-write it, give them a chance to prove themselves and just report the news for now, leaving the sarcastic remarks until they fail miserably (oops, sorry that just slipped out).

ITV yesterday announced that they would be relaunching as a destination to catch up on all their shows from the last seven days (Craig David would be so proud), as well as creating new “360 degree” shows, which encomass mobile, broadband and the good old fashioned idiot box. Good luck to them I say, I hope it’s free, high quality, and easy to use. (That wasn’t too hard for me was it?)

Bittorrent Entertainment Network

28 02 2007

On Monday, Bittorrent inc attempted to go legit. The company launched the “Bittorrent Entertainment Network” a service with a number of movies and TV shows available for download, at a cost. That’s right, imagine using Bittorrent and paying money for the privilege.

Now anyone that uses Bittorrent is probably a downloader of some sort of illegally copyright material, be it albums, TV shows or movies. I know there are lots of other things to download, but these seem to be the main three that take up all that bandwidth. In fact, I have read (and it is probably speculation) that Bittorrent is now the most used application on the Internet, surpassing both email and surfing of the Worldwide webski. Maybe not in terms of numbers, but I can certainly see it being the case in terms of bandwidth.

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The Burg

16 02 2007

The Burg is an online TV show that has been described by Wired magazine as this generations Friends. I’m only halfway through the first ep so I can’t vouch for that, but what I have watched is decent so far (kind of reminds me of It’s always Sunny) and I trust in Wired and so I thought I would bring it to your attention. Click here to go to their website, or here to subscribe to the show as a video podcast in itunes.

Virgin Media launches..

8 02 2007

So it has begun. The proposition is the same, but the marketing will make people think something new has happened. Virgin Media launched today in a blaze of publicity, as is the style of Richard Branson. In the history of cable I never saw NTL or telewest get so many column inches over a product launch. Rather than bang on about details that you can find elsewhere, I thought I would offer opinion. I won’t be getting it.

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All aboard the “On Demand” bandwagon..

5 02 2007

Virgin, Sky and BBC all trying to get closer to their viewers. Last week Sky launched their “Anytime” product to consumers. The problem with satellite is that it is impossible to provide proper “on-demand” services, due to bandwidth restrictions. So Sky have tried to circumvent that in the past with things like multi-start a with the next best thing.

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30 01 2007

Remember when I asked for an invitation to Joost? And nobody replied? Well I didn’t take it personally. Anywho, they aren’t the only ones with a serious IPTV offering this year. Babelgum have snuck up without the hype of Joost, but look to have a solid product on their hands. Over at NewTeeVee, they reviewed it a couple of weeks ago, and I just got round to reading it today. Check out their website, they are looking for content. If you are a budding Youtube/Revver director, it might just be the outlet you need to let your creative juices flow.