The Black Donnellys S01E01 – Pilot

27 02 2007

With Scorsese riding high on the critical acclaim of his Irish mob movie, The Departed, NBC were lucky to be able to launch The Black Donnellys a day after The Oscars, a gritty drama about an Irish family who are on their way to becoming the mob. Starting after last night’s episode of Heroes, with many people probably still passed out from the quality of that episode, this show had it’s work cut out to wake people up and make them pay attention.
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The Rise and Fall of Studio 60

19 02 2007

So NBC announced that they would be pulling Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a week early during the February sweeps, and replacing it with The Black Donnellys, a gritty drama about an Irish mob family. Studio 60 hit an all time ratings low this week, as people tuned out in droves after Heroes to go and do other stuff, or maybe sleep. This is bad news for a show that promised so much in the beginning, but is now delivering almost the same plotline every week.

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No Beer and No TV make Homer something something…

4 07 2006

There is nothing to watch at the moment, but I bring you news of TV to look out for in 2007.

Well the dust has settled at the LA screenings and almost every TV show screened has been bought by broadcasters in the UK. These are the shows that I will give a go (providing they aren’t cancelled with in the first few months), and the UK channels that have purchased them, if you prefer to watch your TV when you’re told to. 😉

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