25 01 2007

She is a Filipino-American vlogger that I found totally by accident, when I was searching for something to do with mixed nuts… yea thats my story and I’m sticking to it. I have been following her quite closely, as her popularity rises around the interweb. She makes cash by using revver for her video blogs, who place small ads at the beginning and/or end of her clips. They then share revenue with their users. Sounds like something I could get involved in, if the money was right.I brought this to your attention because this is the future of online video, and she is one of the pioneers.  Anywho, here is her ode to the mac pro… Its how I feel about my imac. Only I don’t film it, that would be wrong.

The clip has inspired a number of copycats, as is the nature of online video. The official HappySlip site is here. She is funny and clever. A winning combo.