The Positives of the Shilpa Shetty saga

18 01 2007

One positive thing that has come out of the racism row in Celebrity Big Brother is that it has made people start talking about racism and what constitutes racist abuse, and I don’t feel that is done enough in the public domain, especially between different races.

I find different peoples opinions on what constitutes racism extremely interesting. There are those that feel the only people that are truly racist are those that ride horses wearing white sheets while burning crosses, and that it’s all a thing of the past. Then there are people that see any situation where a person of one colour doesn’t like a person who happens to be another colour, for whatever reason, and they view it as a racist situation. I am somewhere in between, and obviously
I am always right! But seriously, it’s a great debate, even though it is at the expense of a beautiful Bollywood leading lady.

Other than that, it doesn’t look good on a worldwide scale, with the incidents being reported out-of context unfavourably all over the world. With Carphone Warehouse having just announced that they are suspending their sponsorship, could this be the beginning of the end of Big Brother? No.

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