Prison Break renewed

22 03 2007

As I have eulogised already this season, Prison Break has seen the biggest improvement of any returning series. Coming towards the end of season 2 now, and I can’t believe how many different story lines they have not only managed to keep interesting, but bring together for the big finale. I really underestimated them, and yesterday FOX rewarded them by announcing that the modest hit would be returning for a third season.

Paul T. Scheuring (I’m spelling that from opening credits memory) promised big changes as well, with an extended stay in Panama for some, and death within the opening episodes for others, if I haven’t misconstrued his words. Although in an earlier article, he did say that 80% of the storyline of the last two years would be tied up in the next two episodes, so I would like to know the hook for next year. Maybe Lincoln was guilty all along, that would be funny.