Saturday Night Live S32E15

20 03 2007

I’ve often wondered why no channel regularly picks up Saturday Night Live in the UK, sporadic appearances on Paramount Comedy Channel being the shows only outlet as far as I am aware. I watched this particular episode because Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was presenting and in 50+ minutes I may have laughed out loud once, and that was at robot sex.

Chris Rock opened the show, and I was sorely disappointed to note he recycled a couple of jokes that he had used “spontaneously” earlier in the week on Conan. And they weren’t that funny then. The weekend update was so weak it was embarrassing, the sketches looked like they had been knocked together on the night, and some of the cast just lack comic timing. Shouting doesn’t make punchline any funnier people!

Overall, I’m amazed that I really enjoy two shows based on this program, but the program itself is falling well short at the moment.