Virgin Media launch more confusion

2 04 2007

Today the UK’s number one cable operator launched a TV solution for non-cabled areas. In effect, a branded freeview box. It will be free to Virgin Media subscribers that take up the 8mb broadband and £20 phone line, or £40 for those who just take the broadband. More to come later as to whether this box has a HDD built-in.

 EDIT:- It doesn’t have a hard drive. I reckon they missed a trick there, a chance for them to offer some of their PPV content over the 8mb broadband connection that is required to have this box. As a character on one of the many shows that Virgin Media no longer have the rights to would say… D’oh.

The Decline of UK TV

29 12 2006

Ofcom have revealed that 75% of households in the UK have gone digital, that is to say these homes have at least one TV that is connected to either a freeview box, Sky “Digi-kal” or some sort of digital cable hookup.

Digital Spy report that as a result of this, viewers are turning away from the five major terrestrial channels, in favour of smaller digital niche programming.

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