Virgin 1 on October 1st

18 09 2007

The Riches, Sarah Connor Chronicles and copious amounts of Star Trek will be coming the way of Satellite, Cable and Freeview customers from the beginning of October. I wonder what else will be on the schedule…


The Sarah Connor Chronicles goes to…

14 06 2007

.. Virgin and their new entertainment channel, designed to appease their subscribers at the loss of Sky One. Due to start in the US on Fox in January, it follows John Connor in the time between T2 and T3, as is my understanding. My personal opinion based on the trailer below is that I can’t see how long they can sustain the story, but I have known to be wrong. Like, 0.000001% of the time or something. But again, I applaud what Virgin are doing, although I advise them to steal a terrestrial hit if they want to drag viewers away from existing channels. May I suggest…hmmm, what is there left. Let me get back to you. Check the trailer out for yourself below. Read the rest of this entry »