ABC1 to close down…

8 09 2007

ABC1, the channel that was happy to mix the worst dross ever (Less than Perfect, Hope & Faith, Rodney)  with some of the best the US has to offer (Scrubs, Sportsnight… and so on?) is to close in October. The reasons are that they were unable to secure the primetime spectrum in their Freeview slot, and their decision to focus on the Disney brand. I’m sure they will be missed by Freeview customers, but I am wondering what will happen to their slot. Will they put on a “Disney channel lite” in its place? That doesn’t need primetime spectrum.  Watch this space… or more importantly, the space left on Channel 15 on your Freeview box.


At last…

29 08 2007

I just found out that Apple have started selling TV “Programmes” via iTunes on the UK store. Disney and Viacom seem to be the only providers at this time. It remains to be seen how often these shows are updated.