Some things I know and some things I don’t.

9 08 2007

If you are watching it, you know what I’m talking about. If John From Cincinnati isn’t the most abstract show ever, it is certainly the most off the wall that I have ever stuck with. But I must say at the same time, I have the sense that I’m watching greatness, not just pretentious guff. Don’t be put off by what I’m about to write, but without looking into it too much, or reading up on it, I do believe it is about the second coming, and what it would be like if the messiah landed in a surfer town, and affected everybody he touched differently. I’m really sorry if this is well established, but I’m just taking it all in.

After watching nine episodes and deciding it was time to get my other half’s opinion, I sat through the pilot again last night and saw so much that I hadn’t noticed the first time around. Definitely better on a repeat showing.  I’m really looking forward to  the season one finale, and I don’t actually care if I get answers or not!

Previously, on “Me and the TV”

3 07 2007

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know… but I hope he comes back!”

“Look, there he is!!”

And now, Me and the TV continues…..

Thats right, I’m back from the land of the rising sun. You can check out my Flickr here, I should have all the Japan pics up by sometime next week.

Since I came back I’ve watched a little TV, tried a little superfast catch up. I watched the first ep of Flight of the Conchords, and I was left underwhelmed. Because the girl from Peep Show was in it (Rachael Blanchard?), I could only draw unvfavourable comparisons with that superior comedy, however much “Flight” had some original ideas… and funny accents.

I’ve been following John from Cincinnati (about to watch one now actually), and it’s still a bit weird. Al from Married with Children can resurrect creatures from the dead? And whats with the crazy landlord guy? This may be a first, but I cannot give you a definitive on whether this program is good or stupid, but I can’t imagine being compelled to tune in again if I led a hectic life and was pushed for time.

Now let me talk about Studio 60 for 20 words or less. I watched the series finale last night, what a crock of sh*t! I am embarrassed that I recommended this show to everyone I know, it turned into some touchy-feely moral war drama in the last 4 episodes, with blatant swipes at conservatives everywhere, even resorting to name calling with President Bush. Awful turn of events, just awful. It actually led my fiancee to swear out loud, and she may be the most polite human being in W9.

Finally, I am clawing my way through summer Fox comedy, The Loop. This comedy has very little humour in it, other than a character who mostly appears in the lift as an obnoxious fast talking airline exec. Whoever is writing this guys lines deserves a raise. and a promotion off this doomed show. anyway, thats my catch up.

To find out what I was really doing in Japan the past 9 days, watch the video after the jump. Yes, that may look like Kanye West, and those may well look like scenes from Akira, but I assure you that is me and all that stuff actually happened. Enjoy..

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19 06 2007

I’m off to Japan for a little over a week, so you lot can entertain yourselves. I would advise you to watch the season premiere of Entourage (S04E01)and try and catch John From Cincinnati, which is really out there. I think I like it, give me one more week. Other than that, if anyone sees any 07-08 pilots leaked on “teh internets” while I’m away, be sure to post the links in the comments below. Thats right, do my work for me.

What I’m watching tonight…

11 06 2007


The Sopranos (S06E21). The problem with watching TV like I do, not live so to speak, is that you have to avoid all websites relating to TV until you have seen that particular episode for yourself. This morning I was looking at my Google reader and there was a headline that unintentionally gave away part of the ending, and so I am not impressed. I’ll watch it tonight and I hope I’m still surprised.

John From Cincinnati (S01E01). This has been much hyped on the web (and in my mind) but has has some lukewarm reviews. A surfer who can levitate? Must be worth an hour of my time.