Rush Hour S01E01

22 03 2007

No not the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan action comedy franchise, a new BBC Three sketch comedy. After all my slating of the BBC and their constant barrage of “quirky” sketch comedies (where characters come on screen, utter a catchphrase, and then do the same thing a further 5 times in different situations over the next 5 weeks, before the final week they display a bit of pathos), I think I am the ideal person to point out when BBC have done something right! The loose link between the sketches is that they all take place in or on some form of transport. This is actually funny, with lots of characters only slight distortions of people we know in real life. The funniest are the dad who is really harsh to his son, and the wannabee idol/x-factor girl.

The first episode of Rush Hour is repeated tonight at 9.. something. Check your listings. Oh, and if you pause it at 11:34 and look at the top of the picture, you will see my friend Mandy! Now you’ve made it Mand!