In Case of Emergency

6 01 2007

I watched this new comedy with some low expectations yesterday, but I actually found it amusing. Sometimes it’s good to go in expecting nothing, because you are pleasantly surprised. They say that you always need a hot chick to draw in the Male 18-34 crowd. I’m going to reveal my shallowness and say I may not have watched this until I saw Kelly Hu was in it, and she was working in a massage Parlour. In rubber. So the sexist in me said “Go on, download it, it will only take a minute!”, But I’m glad I watched. It’s about 4 people who went to the same school, who through a series of coincidences, bump into each other a few years down the line, all in need of some sort of help. Contrived maybe, but who cares if it’s funny right? The writers through in shoutouts to Friends (David Arquette saying Filangey) and Arrested Development (No touching, no touching!) and if those are their influences, that bodes well for the show. Thankfully there were no references stolen from “Hope and Faith”.

It doesn’t have anyone in it I’ve ever laughed at before, or a cat in hell’s chance of making it to a second season, but I’m going to stick with this until it disappear’s from ABC’s schedules.