Prison Break renewed???

26 03 2008

I just returned from a short break to the news that Prison Break has been renewed for a fourth season!! Fox are killing me slowly, they really are… Read the full story on The Televisionary.

Lost S04E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

22 03 2008

A little disappointing, I have to say. When it comes to Lost I like to do a little reading ahead, and I was led to understand that this episode would explain a few things about Michael, and what he has been up to. The answer is… not much.

His reasons for being on Widmore’s freighter don’t add up. So the basic idea is that to clear his conscience of the deaths of two innocents (Ana-Lucia and Libby) that he killed to save his son, he would goback to the island and kill a bunch of other people that he just met, to save the lives of those he betrayed on the island. That is remarkably flimsy. I think I would have preferred it if Ben had kidnapped Walt again. Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Men S01E03

19 03 2008

I’m about to watch it. I can’t remember being this excited about the third episode of anything! Except maybe Grange Hill…

Japanese TV

17 03 2008

Usually when I visit another country, I’m eager to check out the local televisual fare, and see how they do things so I can come back and use it as ammo in my never-ending rants about ITV1. This was the same when I visited Japan.

That country in general seems like another planet, and their genres of TV are no different. One morning I woke up, turned on the TV and saw a weatherman dressed in PVC vest and shorts, complete with dog collar and officers hat. No lie…

I saw this on a forum and it inspired me to write this post. Men playing football, while wearing binoculars. In the interests of keeping the premiership competitive, I vote that the top four be made to wear these during every fixture against a team in the lower half of the table.

I’m still searching for my favourite Youtube clip from the Land of the Colourful mobile phone. It was along the same lines of the famous matrix ping pong, except this one was numerous men imitating the LCD of a large stopwatch counting a 100 metre dash, while other actors portrayed the runners. If you know it, put me out of my misery and post it in the comments to this post.

I leave you with the formula for meeting the hottest girls. Japanese scientists have figured out that if you meet an average looking girl and ask to meet her hottest friend, and so on in that fashion, you will eventually meet the hottest girl in the country! They test out the theory in Italy…

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Lost S04E05 – The Constant

1 03 2008

The best episode of Lost since the last time I wrote that. Seriously, that was easily the best treatment on time travel since Back to the Future, maybe even better because it doesn’t involve paradoxes (I think). Since an interview in the Summer when Matthew Fox was quoted saying that this was the season people would find out “not just where they are, but when they are“, I’ve been waiting for the explanation, but I had no idea it would be told so eloquently. Listen to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on this weeks official Lost podcast clear up any questions you may have on their interpretation on time travel.

My only question is, does that explain the flashbacks? And if so, are they all going to die of cerebral aneurisms over the next 36 episodes???

The other thing they clear up in the podcast is that because of the strike there will be only five new episodes this season, in addition to the eight already produced before the strike began. These five hours will condense what was originally a plan for eight episodes, but those three missing hours will be added onto season five for a total of nineteen episodes in 2009, followed by a final sixteen in 2010. So plenty to look forward to then… Click on to see two sneak peeks from next weeks Juliet-centric episode, the other woman. About time we found out about her past/present/future.

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