At last…

29 08 2007

I just found out that Apple have started selling TV “Programmes” via iTunes on the UK store. Disney and Viacom seem to be the only providers at this time. It remains to be seen how often these shows are updated.

Viacom v Google

14 03 2007

Yesterday I was at work, and me and this guy started laughing randomly at Randy from South Park. Specifically the part in the episode “Red Hot Catholic Love” where he craps out of his mouth. So we started to search Youtube, in all kinds of ways. 0 results. Then I just decided to type in “South Park”. 0 results. I thought there was some kind of malfunction, until I read later that my company, Viacom, was suing the new media upstart, Google, for $1 billion! That’s right, Dr Evil is alive and is ultimately my boss!

Because of my conflict of interest, I couldn’t possibly comment on the situation, but I will say that Viacom need a centralised video distribution service as good as , if not better than, Google. Everything in one place. Because Youtube is so dominant, people won’t go hunting for what they need. they will ultimately find something else on Youtube that makes them laugh. Which is the reason all those classic Ali G clips are now playing on my vodpod, on the right there. think about it, Viacom people.

Joost news

21 02 2007

Joost are an IPTV company founded by the two clever cogs who brought us Kazaa and Skype. Hundreds of channels, available legally, free and worldwide. If it works, it will change everything. People will want their Flat screen TV’s to be “Joost ready” when they buy them.

In fact I applied for a job with Joost the other day, thats how much I believe in what they are doing over there. The fact that they haven’t got back to me, or that I haven’t been invited to their beta test hasn’t dulled my enthusiasm for the project either.

Today they revealed a massive deal with my current employers. They have signed with Viacom to show their programming on the fledgling Television platform. The very informal press release goes a little something like this:

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