Screenwipe S04E03

7 10 2007

This weeks Screenwipe had us in stitches, it truly is a show that I wish I had created, commisioned, written, starred in and shat on all at the same time. His rants included the BBC’s guidelines for closing credits, a craptastic show on BBC One that I imagine millions watch called Street Doctor and the highlights of Billie Piper’s new soft porn show on ITV2. But the best bit by far was a quick rundown of someone who wants a career in TV. Watch it and laugh/cry (delete as applicable) after the jump:-

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3 10 2007

I guess I could call this my favourite thing on TV, because there is nothing I look forward to more at the moment. I only noticed once I had installed the BBC’s iPlayer, but apparently Charlie Brooker returned to BBC Four last week, and he came out swinging against Reality TV, Heroes and even his own channel towards the end. watch a clip (not the best moment of the show, just the only clip I could find) after the jump.

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