Beckham Heads for Hollywood..

11 01 2007

..but what are the implications for TV sports coverage in the UK? Well the first is that on Sky Sports News, when they round up the goals from the MLS, they will take their tongues out of their cheeks, stop sniggering and do some serious reporting.

Next up, the rights to watch the MLS in the UK. Not worth pennies before today, there will be a mad scramble for them, with 19 management and Simon Fuller surely involved in an “auction to the highest bidder” type event.

and finally, where does this leave Sky’s La Liga coverage? About 100,000 down I estimate, as people only interested because Becks was involved stop tuning in.

I really hope it works out for the guy, but I think this deal is driven purely by money, and he has no idea what he is in for after the hype dies down. The standard of football is so poor out there, and the game is played in vast, cavernous stadiums in front of attendaces tht wouldbe shabby by “league 2” standards in the UK. Aaah well, there is always Victoria’s acting career!