Veronica Mars S03E16 – Un-American Graffiti

3 05 2007

A long time ago, we used to be friends.. boy have I missed Veronica Mars while it was away. The future of this show is on a knife edge, with Rob Thomas due to make his presentation to The CW today. One of his ideas for season four is a Veronica Mars set in Virginia, five years in the future, with our favourite reporter working for the CIA. I like that idea, as you can see from the 24 post below I am all about the reinvention at the moment, especially if it means this program, surely the smartest on The CW’s schedule, survives another year.

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Catching up..

12 03 2007

Hello! I’ve back from Ghana where TV is either local soap operas shot by people with limited video camera ability, imported Latin American soap operas dubbed into English (now that is a new low), Idols (Yes, Simon Fuller can even sell snake oil in Africa) or those quiz shows where you can call in as many times as you want, the answer’s not right until they’ve turned a profit! So I had a week off from TV, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not smarter for the experience, I just have more TV to watch. So the last 3 days I’ve been catching up on my regulars and a lot of stuff has gone down in my TV world.

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What I’m Watching Tonight…

28 02 2007

Veronica Mars. this season has been a little lacklustre, I reckon it’s because of the removal of the season long mystery in favour of two (or three?) arcs. but tonight we will find out who killed the dean. The program then goes off the air for a while, to be replaced by a reality show to find the next Pussycat Doll. Is there room for one more, did one of them die or something? Anywho, maybe I will watch Dirt, if I can find it anywhere, but there isn’t much else out there in the torrentsphere. I wonder what’s on normal TV…

Oh yes, and Friday Night Lights. Here is the deal. You watch it. you come back here and proclaim me as your TV leader. We never speak of this again.

Just some dates…

1 01 2007

Veronica Mars

… for your downloading diary. If you, like me, download the majority of your television, you will have spent this December staring at the wall, wondering whether Kate ran, why exactly Peter Petrelli is going to explode, whether Jim should go out with Pam or Quincy Jones’ daughter, who killed Veronica Mars (above) Dean and where Michael Schofield is going to run to next.

Well I don’t have the answers as such, but I do have the dates for the return of all your favourite programs, and thats almost as good, right?

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