Vodpod fame

4 04 2007

About a week ago my vodpod (the thing on the right with the videoclips) started getting a lot more views, and I thought readers of this blog were suddenly taking a greater interest in my tastes in online video. Little did I know that the surge in activity was because I made the front page of Vodpod. In case my pod isn’t the featured one when you click on the link, I have done everyone a favour by capturing a screenshot of my infamy here. What a great write up, it’s like having my own TV channel with everyone elses content!

CSI: Jim Carrey

22 02 2007

You may remember the clip I posted a while back with a montage of David Caruso and his ability to deliver the killer line before the opening credits. If you haven’t watched it, it’s worth checking out. On Late Night with David Letterman last night, Jim Carrey does his Horatio impression, and it is perfect. Watch it on the right hand side there, in the Vodpod.

The Television Blog will be Revolutionised

13 02 2007

I made some changes tonight which I thought you might like. I wanted a lighter, fresher look so I chose this, it definitely works for me. I also added a few more links on the side, as well as a video dashboard type thing. You can click on any of the videos on the side, they will be updated as and when I feel like it. right now the top vid is the preview for episode 16 of Heroes. Enjoy the new-ish look!