Entourage S03E18 – The Resurrection

14 05 2007

I should hate Entourage. You know those shows that aren’t funny enough to be called comedies, and aren’t dramatic enough to be called dramas? It falls into that category, and I don’t usually have time for those programs, because it’s usually half an hour/1 hour of some stuff that happens that doesn’t change anybodys life. And I have that in my real life, so why would I tune in for more of the same? Because I don’t have someone like Johnny Drama making me breakfast.

Kevin Dillon keeps me watching Entourage during the episodes where everybody except Lloyd is being very stereotypically boring, and this week was no exception. On the morning of the series premiere of his new show “Five Towns”, Vinnie was understandably nervous. He didn’t want to read any reviews, in fact he didn’t want to see Variety magazine full stop. To blow off some steam, he goes to a Rub n’ Tug (love that name) place to get some light relief, but he can’t concentrate so he reads the variety conveniently left behind in the room.

It turns out the review was bad, and it wasn’t the only negative write-up, and this sends Drama into a bit of a tailspin. He takes off in his new car and heads for Arizona, spending the night at the Grand Canyon. (I loved this bit, it brought back memories, beautiful place.) He wakes up in the morning to the news from Lloyd that the show was a ratings success, and finishes with a resounding “Victory” shout across the canyon. Sweeet. I realise I just regurgitated the part of the episode that I liked, I do that sometimes… what are *you* gonna do about it?

The other storylines were more of the same turtle filler and Vince & E. will they/won’t they that has dominated this season and set the story back some way. I guess they are different facets of the film industry. facets I’ve come to realise I’m none too interested in.




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