Entourage S03E14 – Dog Day Afternoon

17 04 2007

After a great return to the third season last week, this episode focused on two of the male relationships on the show, Ari and Lloyd, and Eric and Vince. Lloyd has been a superb character from his first scene, and every time he and Ari are on screen together the chemistry is great. Ari was chasing a new client, a gay writer who he thought would be more open to suggestion if Lloyd went along for the negotiation.

He decided to pimp out Lloyd in order to get the client, a decision he clearly wasn’t happy with towards the end of the ep, resulting in a showdown at a gay club with Ari rejecting the client in favour of Lloyd, and looking very homo in the process.

Eric meanwhile was trying to get away with his girlfriend Sloane, but was too much of a wimp to tell his “boss” Vince that he couldn’t come too. The storyline was only mildly interesting, up to the point where you realise that Vince never gets angry, and Eric had nothing to worry about.

The little smirk from Sloane at the end of the episodes may have been cute to some, but it was the first time that she annoyed me to be honest. I hate when girls aren’t really angry, but just pretend for the sake of punishing their partners. I suppose guys do it too, it just winds me up.

As I wrote in the post below, trips to Cabo are cool, shopping and dinner is cool, meeting new spoilt rich girls is cool, but when are they going to get back to the business of making films? Maybe next week…



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5 06 2007
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